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Zip through miles of beautiful Southern Indiana Woods


About Us

Founded in 2012, Lark Valley Zip Lines is proud to offer some of the fastest, longest, and dare we say, most fun zip lines in the Midwest. When designing our course we decided to take a unique approach. First off, our zip lines gradually increase in length, allowing first time riders to build confidence before embarking on much longer and faster lines. Secondly, we wanted to create an experience that was exciting enough to repeat again and again. So with the addition of our 3 Mega-Lines you can zip on lines over 2500ft in length (some of the longest in the Midwest), at heights of up to 50 ft and speeds of up to 60mph! But most importantly, we wanted to create as safe an environment as possible. So we designed all or zip lines to be platform-to-ground, meaning that while you may take off from a platform when beginning your ride, you will always land on the ground. This makes for a much safer, and comfortable experience, as you are not dangling off a platform between rides.

Don’t just let us tell you how great Lark Valley Zip Lines is, come out and see for yourself!


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“I am an avid zip liner with about 25 zip experiences under my belt at this point. Lark Valley Zip Lines is by far my favorite location! I have been here twice and I came back because of how great the experience was! The location is beautiful and the zips are great! The staff are super friendly and helpful. If you go, you HAVE to go on the 3 larger zips. They are SOOO worth the few extra bucks!”
— Justin Davis
We had an amazing time. The staff were friendly and courteous. They were very safety conscious. They made the zip tours fun for my entire family. We got misdirected by the gps in our way there and they called us to help us get to the right location. We are impressed and will definitely be back and will tell all our friends about the great time we had!
— Christie Robinson
Absolutely love this place!!!! I am closing in on 60 and had my 8 year old grandson with me. They truly cater to young and old alike. Terry tries to act gruff, but is really a teddy bear. No doubt we will be back! Oh, and special thanks to our guides, Josh and Bob. They were absolutely awesome!
— Romane Guyer